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gara Urquell water

For your well-being

Revitalized water for your wellbeing
garaUrQuell water system
garaUrquell water processing system
garaUrquell water

In May 2014, we installed a new water processing system, a combination of turbulence. and quantum-response technology. Water forced through linear piping systems is restored to its original spring-like quality. This combination - known as - garaUrquell - allows the water to implode and energize, based on research conducted by legendary Austrian naturalist Viktor Schauberger. As a consequence, the already high quality of water in Haus is taken to an even higher dimension.

We are convinced by the positive benefits of this new system, and look forward to serving the water to you. For this increased quality, we permit ourselves to charge for a glass of garaUrquell tap water an amount of € 0.40. With wine and coffee, we serve our special water free of charge. Naturally, garaUrquell is also used in our kitchen.


✔ permits natural spiral motion of the water 
✔ structures and re-informs the water true to its origins
✔ improves taste
✔ prevents lime deposits
✔ promotes body detoxification
✔ enhances regulating structures within the body
✔ invigorates through levitative and gravitative forces

✔ informs the body through individual, regional oscillation patterns
✔ reduces carbonate hardness
✔ counterbalances the natural craving for food
✔ optimizes metabolic functions through continual intake of crystalline structures (cell nutrition)
✔ allows the skin to perform its natural functions 
✔ increases the desire to drink more water

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